Sing Songbird, Sing

Posted on May 4, 2014

Our girl done good!!

She’s only gone and sang at the infamous and legendary Bluebird cafe!! I wish I could have been there to see her on that stage. She was invited up onto the stage by Jeff Cohen as a special guest, which is amazing in itself. But actually getting to perform there as a country artist is something dreams are made of.

And it seems whilst Lucy’s been in Nashville she’s been rubbing shoulders with all sorts of amazing people. I have to say I am a huge Rascal Flatts fan, so the fact that Lucy was sitting at a table next to the bass player from the band actually makes me slightly jealous. Lucky thing!!

Writing and playing with legendary songwriters and musicians, rubbing shoulders with influential country stars AND singing in the Bluebird cafe… I’m willing to bet Lucy is having the best time of her life.

Happy Birthday Lucy

Posted on May 2, 2014

It’s Lucy’s birthday!!

But there’s no rest for the wicked (or birthday girl it would seem.)

Nope. From our recent conversations it’s apparent that Lucy has been working extremely hard whilst out in Nashville, which is lucky for all us fans over here.

For the last couple of days Lucy has been in the studio laying down demos and backing vocals for the songs that she has written whilst over in Nashville. This girl clearly means business!!

She’s been working with an array of musicians. All extremely talented and all a pleasure to work with. Lucy describes them as “out of this world.” Apparently they’re so professional that it takes them no time at all to play through the songs, discuss what chords they want, and cut it. Honestly I’m in awe at the whole process.

But of course the Lucy I know and love needs to go out and celebrate her birthday and I think she deserves it after two long days in the studio!! A meal in a lovely restaurant is on the cards tonight… And we’ll celebrate in style when you’re home 🙂

Keep up the hard work birthday girl, it’ll all pay off eventually!! Oh, and sorry your team lost! Haha!!


Welcome to Nashville

Posted on April 30, 2014

I’ve heard from Lucy! She seems to be having a wonderful time. Here’s what she’s getting up to in a nutshell…

Hey Ya’ll. It’s official, I’m back in Nashville. Honestly so excited to be here, I’m finding it hard to believe. This time last week I was living my life, just waiting for this to happen; and now here I am. Guess my horoscope was right for once.

Anyway, its been a busy couple of days over here in Nashville. I’ve spent the days songwriting with two very talented songwriters, Zach Abend and Jeff Cohen. I feel very privileged to be working with them, and can’t wait to get in the studio to start recording. Let the creativity begin!

And seeing as I’ve been working extremely hard, I allowed myself a little treat last night. Myself, both songwriters, and two fellow musicians all went to The Cheesecake Factory, and can I just say Wow! Best cheesecake ever! But that’s enough treats, it’s back to the honey, lemon and ginger for me; always a must when I’m singing.

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for me. I’ll keep you updated with all the excitement! Lx

New beginnings and exciting adventures…

Posted on April 27, 2014

So, it’s been a while. Sometimes I think you need to take a step back, reevaluate what it is you want, and go from there. I took a little break from the blogosphere, I had no inspiration, but I knew that I still wanted to write. But writers block was firmly in place. I got so bogged down with life and work that my creative juices weren’t flowing, and no one wants to read about my every day… got up, went to work, came home again. Boring!

But I have an exciting project for the next week or so. A very beautiful, very talented friend of mine is jetting off to Nashville to finish recording her album. And it just so happens, that she has asked me to document her time out there. Lucy May is the next country music superstar (you heard it here first) and I am very excited about the prospects of this upcoming venture. I will be sharing with you, throughout the week, updates, pictures and stories so that Lucy May can keep all her fans in the loop.

This is so exciting for Lucy May, but also very exciting for me. I can’t wait to fill you all in on her Nashville adventure. So lets wish her the best of luck, and look forward to some amazing stories.

If you haven’t already, please go and check out Lucy May on YouTube, and subscribe to her channel for regular updates.

Sun, sea, jellyfish and lifeguards.

Posted on August 13, 2013

I’ve just got back from a brilliant two weeks away with my family. We went where we go every year, a beautiful little seaside town called Polzeath, Cornwall. I can honestly only describe this place as a little touch of heaven. It’s gorgeous, without being stuck up, the people are friendly and down to earth and every time we go the sun seems to grace us with its presence (which is very lucky considering we’re still in England.)

And sun we did see. There was rain (a little), sun (a little bit more) and A LOT of hunky surfer dudes, with their muscles, and their tans, and their muscles, and… you get the picture. Needless to say the views were mind-blowing.

But it wasn’t all sweetness and light, no no no nothing ever is when you’re Abbie Williamson. On the third day mother nature decided she wanted in on the holiday and decided to grace me with her presence. Cue a mad dash to Spar to grab an emergency supply of jumbo jumbo sized tampons and as many sanitary towels as I could fit into my arms without dropping them everywhere and embarrassing myself in front of beautiful surfer number one.

This was not the end of my worries though. A few days later a number of family members were struck with a sickness bug, I’m talking non-stop spewing for a good 24 hours. This meant I was holed up in bed for a day with the most excruciating stomach pains, and whilst I wasn’t sick, I completely lost my appetite for two days (and still managed to put on weight.)

And then finally there were the jellyfish. Not just one jellyfish though. Hundreds of jellyfish wherever you stepped. I’ve been going to this beach since I was six years old, and never in those 17 years have I seen that amount of jellyfish. There were clear ones with pink bits, purple ones with tentacles, purple ones without tentacles, all different shapes and sizes. We were kindly informed by the lifeguards that the clear ones wouldn’t sting at all, and only the purple ones with tentacles would sting, but it would literally be like a nettle sting that would last five minutes. That’s not so bad you think. Well it’s not so bad unless YOU’RE THE ONE BEING STUNG. I wasn’t even in the sea, I was paddling around the rock pools whilst all the kids were looking for crabs. Suddenly all up my right foot and ankle started to sting, it felt like a really bad shaving rash, and it went all red and blotchy. And I can tell you that it most certainly did not last five minutes. Try ten. Okay, so it wasn’t that bad, and I did make a bit of a fuss for nothing, well until my cousin asked who was going to do the deed. Suddenly the pain was gone. There’s nothing like horror of someone peeing on your leg to relieve a jellyfish sting.

After that it did take a couple of days for me to build up the confidence to go in the sea again. I know I’m 23 and jellyfish shouldn’t really scare me, but I’m not a great sea lover. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m a water baby at heart, give me a heated swimming pool or the nice clear med, but there’s something about dark, murky sea water that gives me the heebie jeebies. Once back in the sea though, I did some shit hot body boarding, and some, well just shit surfing. I was more like a poser with a board to be honest. Gotta attract those surfer boys somehow.

Finally, and probably the most heart-stopping ordeal of all was losing my iPhone on a crowded beach. Sad I know, but it really is my life-line. After running back and forth frantically searching through the sand, I had almost given up hope when my mother appeared from the lifeguard hut clutching and iPhone with a pink polka dot case. Hallelujah. Scrolling through my pictures a couple of days later I noticed one that I hadn’t taken. Of someone I didn’t know. A lifeguard.

After all those (mini) ordeals, I could finally get on and enjoy my holiday. I did a lot of sunbathing, and a lot of reading. Two of my favourite things. And I thought all my Christmases had come at once when there was a rave on the beach. House music, hot DJ’s and surfer boys, what more could a girl want? Sadly none of my family are really into the house scene, and the fact that it was full of old people kind of ruined the vibe.

All in all I had a fantastic two-week break with my family. I’ve come home with a cracking tan, which is always important and I feel refreshed and ready to go.

Oh and by the way, if you’re that lifeguard, get in touch.

And then he just fell out…

Posted on June 21, 2013

It’s no lie that I am a clumsy girl. It doesn’t matter what I do, I will always be the girl who knocks her drink halfway across the bar, or the person that walks into the kitchen side, resulting in unsightly bruises.
However, recently I have out-trumped even myself on the clumsy stakes.
I went to Ascot yesterday (that was a weird jump but you’ll understand soon enough.) I spent ages planning my outfit, I bought three pairs of shoes, ya know just in case, I Youtubed ‘updos’ and when I left my house I’m sure I resembled a lady. Nothing could beat me.
Cue a few bottles of wine later (and the rest) and I’m running around Ascot with no shoes on, talking to random strangers. The little lady was gone forever. And then suddenly, I’m sitting on a hill contemplating life, when a boy fell out of his wheelchair. He FELL out! Well I pride myself on being quite a nice person, and clearly thought that with all my muscles (ahem) this was a situation for Abbie Williamson, superhero extraordinaire. Wrong.
Wine, Champagne, Vodka, a boy in a wheelchair, and myself are not the best combination. I wanted to help, and his friends let me. So there I am trying to drive his wheelchair up the hill, whilst clearly under the influence, it was almost illegal. I gave it a good go, but of course, this was an impossible challenge. So I just gave up, let him go, and he fell out again. He FELL out AGAIN! I basically pushed someone out of a wheelchair (and before people start getting uppity, it was obviously an accident, I apologised profusely and felt terrible.)
He was fine, I think, I can’t even remember if I asked, but he was laughing so I assume he was fine. And all my friends, and all his friends just watched and laughed as I stood there mortified and bewildered at the same time.
I saw him again, after we’d all recovered from the incident, and he just looked at me with fear and shouted ‘YOU’, like I was some crazy human being that was going to throw him out his wheelchair again.
I guess the moral of the story is, it’s nice to be helpful, but there are times when you should just take a backseat, and let the less intoxicated people deal with the situation. Otherwise you risk being known as the girl who throws people out of wheelchairs.

We Are FSTVL!!

Posted on June 13, 2013

So, as you can probably guess from my last blog post, I went to a festival. It wasn’t the first festival I’ve ever been to and it certainly wasn’t the biggest (Creamfields, anyone?) But it was amazing!! The day was filled with great music, a brilliant atmosphere and loads of lovely people (we made so many new friends.)

The festival was in a huge field in Essex, so was easy for us to get to as we only live the next county over. However, the morning didn’t quite go to plan. I was up at six o’clock because I was so excited I couldn’t sleep anymore. I was like a little kid waiting to see if Father Christmas had been. Because of this I was super organised, and thanks to my little list I literally had everything. My friends on the other hand forgotten money, cards, even tickets! Our poor taxi man had to traipse back and forth so we could pick up everything we’d forgotten.

Eventually though we were on the road, cue drinking, shouting and many many pictures. Finally, we got there, and not a moment to soon as my bladder was ready to burst. My disco pants were so tight I thought going to the loo was going to be an issue, but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought… Except for the smell.

It’s hard to pick a few favourite moments of the day because there were so many, but I definitely think being on someone’s shoulders whilst watching Rudimental has to be up there. And we spent a lot of time in the Sundaze tent which was made to look like a beach, with sand and palm trees (there was a lot of ‘lets go to the beach beach…) The whole day though was just absolutely brilliant. I can’t think of anything better than being with my best friends, in the sun listening to some of my favourite music.

Bring on the next festival!!

Festival Essentials

Posted on May 24, 2013

It’s finally here – I am going to a festival tomorrow! As you can probably tell I am super excited, my friends and I have been waiting for We Are FSTVL for a long time. It’s going to be a chance for us to let our hair down, dance to some brilliant music and celebrate my friend Chloe’s 21st birthday in style; flashing badges at the ready. Okay so we are cheating a bit, as this festival is only a day long, no camping required, but it is still going to be a hell of a long day, and the toilets are still going to be just as dodgy. So while I was getting all my essential bits ready, I thought I’d share with you the things I will be taking with me.

Strappy Over-the-shoulder Bag:HandbagThis is a good way of making sure all your possessions stay close to you, ensuring that they are safe. Mine is a tan, satchel style from Topshop. It opens with a clasp and there are five little compartments inside, all with zips, to keep my bits and bobs locked in safe. It’s also good because it means I can keep things separate, like my make-up from my money. Just makes life a little bit easier.

Flower Headband and Statement Jewellery:HeadBandWe all know that festivals are as much about the music as they are the fashion. To make a statement I have gone for this gorgeous pink flower crown which cost me £3 in Primark. Bargain, and I won’t be too sad if it gets muddy or broken. It means I can wear my hair crazy and wavy but still keep it looking pretty all day long. I’ve also opted for some statement rings, I love a ring, and I can’t wait to dress up all my fingers with these little sparkly beauties.

Sunglasses:SunglassesWhether it rains, or whether it shines, sunglasses are a must. If anything they will cover up tired eyes when you hit that wall. I’m torn between two pairs, the baby pink, or the vibrant pink. I guess I’ll just have to see what goes better with my outfit.

Essential Make-Up:Make-UpNow as much as I hate to admit it, drinking and sweating are not good for your skin, or your make-up. A whole day of dancing will not leave you looking the way you did when you arrived. So touch up make-up is essential. I’ll be taking with me my Benefit Boing industrial strength concealer, to cover up any blemishes, spots or dark circles. This stuff is amazing, I don’t know how I ever functioned without it before. To keep my skin looking matte, and not sweaty and disgusting I will also be taking with me my Rimmel Stay Matte powder. Mine is in the shade Peach Glow, and rather than taking a brush with me I just have this handy circle sponge that I can use to dab the powder where it needs to be. Even though I’ll be wearing false eyelashes (mine are from Primark £1 – what a steal) I will take my Barry M Lash Vegas mascara with me just in case I feel my lashes need a bit of love.

Lip Balm and Lipstick:LipstickI’m going to start the day wearing my Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in Shocking Coral. I love this lipstick, I can’t explain to you how much. It is so moisturising and the colour is so pretty. But again, a whole day of drinking will mean a whole day of reapplying. So when I’m too worse for wear to stay in the lines I will opt for a lip balm instead. I’m going to take with me this gorgeous little Lip Smackers Fanta lip balm. It is so cute, keeps my lips feeling soft and hydrated and tastes AMAZING.

Deodorant, Hand-Gel, and Simple Wipes:WipesAll of these are majorly essential if you want to keep fresh, which I do. I’m taking a small can of Dove deodorant in cucumber and green tea. It’s the perfect size to fit in my bag, I can share it with my friends and it smells so fresh and clean, just what I want. Anti-bac hand gel is a must after using the toilets, eating or if you just feel a bit minging. Again, mine is from Primark, it smells so clean, is handbag friendly, and kills 99.9% of germs. Perfect. Now, I know we’re not staying over night, but there is a point when my face says “nope I’ve had enough” and my make up needs to come off, so I will be taking these Simple face wipes in my bag because they do the job and they are kind to my ‘prone to break-outs’ type of skin.

A Mirror:MirrorI’ll be taking this little compact mirror with me for when we need to do emergency make-up checks or spot cover-ups, or lippy reapplication. It’s small, it’s cute, it’s colourful, and it will do the job.

Camera:CameraYou cannot go to a festival and not take pictures or videos. I know that we all probably have smartphones which do exactly the same, but I will be conserving my phones’ battery just in case I lose my friends. So I’m taking with me my Nikon Coolpix camera. This camera is so amazing, I love it. The picture and sound quality are so good and I can’t wait to capture some priceless memories. And it’s purple!

Headache and Allergy Tablets:PiritezeFinally I will be taking some ibuprofen and some allergy tablets with me. Whether they let me in with them I don’t know, but I’m going to give it ago. Piriteze are essential, because if like me you suffer with hay-fever, being in a field all day can sometimes be a less than joyful experience. I’m talking streaming eyes, stuffy nose, sneezing… beautiful. And headache tablets go without saying, a day of drinking everything but water is bound to leave you with a less than a happy head.

So there you go, my little list of festival essentials. I’ll also be taking a poncho because this is Britain and the weather is less than reliable. I really hope it doesn’t rain as I don’t really want to wear a poncho, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

I will probably Instagram a few pictures tomorrow, of what I’m wearing and such so if you’d like to add me my Instagram is AbbieElizabeth_ and it goes without saying that I will be putting a blog post up AFTER the festival, so stay tuned.

Karen Millen S/S13

Posted on April 18, 2013

As many of you know I work for high-end fashion retailer Karen Millen. One of the perks of the job, aside from some of the amazing friends I have made, is that I get to try on a lot of the clothes. I never thought in a million years that I would own any Karen Millen clothes, so trying them on and being paid for it is very exciting. We took some pictures the other day so I thought I would share with you some of the new collection that will be coming into store. Excuse the quality of the photos, they were taken on an iPad… Also excuse my face, it wasn’t supposed to be in the pictures.
Karen Millen One

Karen Millen Four
Karen Millen TwoKaren Millen Three 1
So there you go, a glimpse into the S/S13 collection at Karen Millen. I personally love the lime green boyfriend blazer, I think this would look great with the white jeans and a pair of wedges in the summer, for a real city girl look. The yellow dress is another one of my favourites from collection, and would look great if you’ve got an occasion coming up. Again, sorry about the rubbish quality pictures, please no negative comments.

Feel good Friday: When life gives you lemons; add Tequila and Salt.

Posted on April 12, 2013

I’ve always been a glass half empty kinda gal, never the optimist and always seeing the bad in pretty much every situation. I am, unfortunately, a negative thinker.

Ever since I was a little girl I have been told to think positive and positive things will happen. My step dad is amazing for this. However, my response has always been, “yeah right, how is thinking positive going to get me outta this one?” I’ve always thought that thinking positive isn’t going to grow me a money tree/make him love me/make me look fab in a bikini, but I’m slowly realising it doesn’t need to do all these things.

What thinking positive does do is make you happier within yourself, and that’s all it needs to do. Once you feel happier within yourself you will start to notice the good things around you. So what he doesn’t want to go out with you, that’s his loss, and you can use your time to do fun things with your friends like going to a festival or even just watching a film. Yes, there might be a negative at first, but soon the pros will outweigh the cons, you’ve just got to allow yourself to see it.

The days I wake up feeling happy and positive are the best kind of days. The days when I feel like I’m going to have a bad day, end up being the worst. It’s pretty obvious really. I’m setting myself a little challenge, to try to think good thoughts. It’s about making the best out of a bad situation.

Sometimes life is going to give you lemons, but when it does, why not invite your friends around and have a little Tequila party?