As typical English folk we saw a bit of sun and that was that. Bye bye winter coats, hello sunglasses. We embrace the sun whenever we can, because lets face it, we don’t see it often. Everyone was suddenly in a good mood, and pub gardens were full to the brim at lunch times.
I got into the spirit of the things by firstly painting my nails in multicoloured pastel colours by Barry M. I look like I’ve dipped my fingers in a bag of flumps. They make me smile whenever I look at them.
Next I joined in with the crowds and proudly pulled out my sunnies. I have been looking for an excuse to wear my Ray Ban Wayfarers ever since I got them for Christmas, and I don’t think that March is too early at all. These little beauties are next on my wanted list. Along with an array of playsuits, a gorgeous silk -chiffon midi skirt from Mango, and a pair of dungarees.
Finally, and the most drastic change of all, I had my hair coloured. Goodbye cold harsh dark hair, hello bright and vibrant red hair. Okay well not too red, more of a reddy chestnut colour. But it is the new summer me.
Now I just need the sun to stay so I can embrace all these changes to the fullest… Oh is that rain I see.