Have you ever been asked to give an interesting fact about yourself? Like on the first day of class when you have to go around the room giving your name, age and an interesting fact about yourself. There were always the people who had been skydiving, or lived in really exotic countries, but I could never think of anything that would make people go ‘wow.’ Instead my answer has always been the same, “Hi, I’m Abbie, and I’m a twin.”

As soon as you tell someone you’re a twin you get hounded with a barrage of questions, “are you identical?” “What’s it like being a twin?” “Do you, you know, sometimes feel what the other feels?” Lets go with the first one.

I have a non-identical twin sister. Her name is Katie. She’s the oldest by twelve minutes. We look nothing alike. In fact we probably couldn’t look much different, her with her short blonde hair and green eyes, and me with my long brown hair and brown eyes. But personality wise we are pretty much identical, although she’s slightly crazier, and much louder. Sometimes when my mum rings the house phone she can’t be sure of who has actually answered.


And even though we look so different, people still get us confused. Like the time our PE teacher in secondary school shouted “Abbie” for ten minutes, and couldn’t understand why Katie was ignoring her. We still argue over who we would look like if we had been identical, she chooses herself every time, and I think that we would have had a lot of fun getting up to mischief and playing tricks on people. She most definitely could have taken my driving test for me.

Then people ask, what it’s like being a twin. Well for me being a twin is like having a best friend that lives with you (although now that we are 23 she doesn’t live with me.) You never have to be alone because there is someone there that has always got your back. We moved around a lot when we were younger, new places, new schools, new friends, but we never had to worry because when it came down to it, if no one liked us it didn’t matter because we always had each other. There was always someone to play dress up with, help with homework, and crawl in next to when you’d had a nightmare. We shared a room for a long time, at one point we even shared a bed. I can honestly say we have probably shared everything, we still borrow each others clothes. The only thing we have never shared is boyfriends… We have completely different tastes in that department.


Our mum loved to dress us up the same when we were little, matching outfits, even matching hairstyles. I don’t really remember when we found our own sense of style. However, we recently went to a wedding and wore the same dress, only in different colours. Sometimes it nice to remember that we are actually twins, not just sisters. I remember my biology teacher at school once said that because we came from two eggs, not one, we were effectively just sisters, which really annoyed me. We aren’t just sisters, we are twins. There is a bond there that can never be broken.

I’m not a massive believer in the whole twin telepathy thing. Sometimes I will sing a song that Katie might be thinking of, and we both say “oh that was spooky” but we could never cheat on an exam by sending each other the answers, for example, or feel each other’s pain, well not physically anyway.

There are things that I wish I could go back and do for her, say to her, make sure she knows. I hope she knows now though, that I have always been there for her, and I always will be. We may not live together now, but she is still my twin sister, and my best friend. She’s an extension of me.